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How do you say "Oink Oink" in human talk? Oh yah-its "Stimulus Package"

The pork has been federally approved. All 1000 pages read in less than 12 hours of review. Earmarked for Democratic Pet Projects which benefits the poor, the federal employees and not me. Personally I am still wondering what I am getting from this, other than a huge debt. I mean- thank God I haven't lost my job yet but unfortunately I am not getting a big check because I have popped out 14 kids all on welfare and medical or don't even make enough to PAY my taxes. Thats right- I have been WORKING to better myself and be a productive American Citizen- all while using birth control. (By the way- Ms.Pelosi - I bought it myself!) It also sucks for me that I am done with college, and didn't buy another new home thats also fitted with "green" air conditioning units and windmills. I am also not one of the lucky banks or Wall Street Companies that personally gets bailed out by my "public servant" buddies in government.

Its interesting that all the money invested in the Bank Bailout could of actually paid off every single American's mortgage. And the billions of dollars spent on a $30,000 job is going to cost over $200,000 each. I mean- where is the bailout for the everyday employers- people that actually GENERATE jobs- so that I can keep mine?

But I guess I should just be happy that I am gonna get my 7 dollar credit each week. Maybe I will just go buy my dinner at Mcdonald's. The poor keep telling me its cheaper than making dinner at home.

Below are two articles that detail where the money is actually going... Yes the its long! Sorry...

Stimulus bill just pork in new disguise By Bob Barr

The venerable Oxford English Dictionary defines “stimulus” as “something that promotes activity, interest, or enthusiasm.” If, as appears almost certain, the federal government enacts legislation appropriating more than $800 billion in a so-called “stimulus package,” the next edition of Oxford might properly include further definitions for the already-overused term: “any massive federal spending program designed to funnel taxpayer monies into pet political projects; a term employed to disguise massive federal spending programs designed to funnel taxpayer monies into pet political projects, but labeled ‘stimulus’ in order to secure votes necessary for passage.”

Of course, as is par for the course in proposing and enacting modern federal legislation, congressional leaders have attached a high-sounding and misleading moniker to this latest and largest ever so-called “stimulus package.”

The legislation, which passed the House last week and the “senior” chamber Tuesday, is entitled “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.”

How clever be these members of Congress. They know you can never go wrong by including the word, “American” or “America,” in the title of any legislation, since there is then always the implication that anyone who votes against the bill is, of course, un-American.

But the true evil of this spending boondoggle is not so much its title as its substance. Virtually every pet project and constituency of the Democratic Party will be at the receiving end of the billions of dollars rushing down this latest federal money sluice. The disaster that is this “recovery and reinvestment act” is made far worse by the fact that every single one of its more than $800 billion bills is borrowed.

When all is said and done according to the government’s own estimate, this spending measure will add more than a trillion dollars to our national debt which already tops $10.2 trillion.

Moreover, this appropriations vehicle comes on top of last year’s “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act” —- the so-called “bailout” —- and the now small, $152 billion 2008 “Economic Stimulus Act.” Thus does the true magnitude of the damage to the value of our currency and to the future economic health of our nation start to come into focus.

State and local government officials, including our own here in the Peach State, are already gleefully counting the billions they are slated to receive from Washington’s “reinvestment” largess. These are the same spendthrift state and local governments that have failed for decades to keep their own spending under control.

Throwing even more federal money their way simply rewards their irresponsibility, and further disguises the necessity for state and local governments to rein in their own spending. Some of the details of the “reinvestments” in the House’s version of the stimulus package are truly amazing. For example:

> A billion dollars will continue to subsidize the perennial money loser, Amtrak; $20 billion expands the already bloated food stamp program.

> About $2 billion is diverted from the wallets of hard-working Americans to subsidize childcare. Some $2.8 billion is slipped to global warming advocacy programs.

> $600 million will buy more and newer cars for government bureaucrats, along with $44 million to refurbish the Department of Agriculture, $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts, and $150 million to spruce up the Smithsonian buildings.

> Another $650 million is earmarked for helping consumers convert analog TVs to digital (because the government earlier decided to halt analog television broadcasting).

>More than $400 million promotes anti-smoking programs and programs to fight sexually transmitted diseases. Those are just the tip of the fiscal iceberg.

There are minor differences in the House and Senate versions, but overall the amount of money spent and the amount of pork in each is outrageous and harmful; and besides, the House-Senate conference may very well add back in what the Senate took out but really just shifted around, in a typical example of congressional legerdemain.

When all the dust settles, the only thing this fiscal monstrosity will “stimulate” is making American citizens, businesses and state and local government even more dependent on Uncle Sam than before; even as we and our children and grandchildren are rendered the poorer.
RAW DATA has these figures as well...
RAW DATA: Stimulus Bill -- Who Gets What?
An examination of how the economic stimulus plan will affect Americans (AP)

The recovery package has tax breaks for families that send a child to college, purchase a new car, buy a first home or make the ones they own more energy efficient.

Millions of workers can expect to see about $13 extra in their weekly paychecks, starting around June, from a new $400 tax credit to be doled out through the rest of the year. Couples would get up to $800.
In 2010, the credit would be about $7.70 a week, if it is spread over the entire year.

The $1,000 child tax credit would be extended to more low-income families that don't make enough money to pay income taxes, and poor families with three or more children will get an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit. Middle-income and wealthy taxpayers will be spared from paying the Alternative Minimum Tax, which was designed 40 years ago to make sure wealthy taxpayers pay at least some tax, but was never indexed for inflation. Congress fixes it each year, usually in the fall.

First-time homebuyers who purchase their homes before Dec. 1 would be eligible for an $8,000 tax credit, and people who buy new cars before the end of the year can write off the sales taxes.

Homeowners who add energy-efficient windows, furnaces and air conditioners can get a tax credit to cover 30 percent of the costs, up to a total of $1,500. College students -- or their parents -- are eligible for tax credits of up to $2,500 to help pay tuition and related expenses in 2009 and 2010. Those receiving unemployment benefits this year wouldn't pay any federal income taxes on the first $2,400 they receive.

Health insurance:

Many workers who lose their health insurance when they lose their jobs will find it cheaper to keep that coverage while they look for work.

Right now, most people working for medium and large employers can continue their coverage for 18 months under the COBRA program when they lose their job. It's expensive, often over $1,000 a month, because they pay the share of premiums once covered by their employer as well as their own share from the old group plan.

Under the stimulus package, the government will pick up 65 percent of the total cost of that premium for the first nine months. Lawmakers initially proposed to help workers from small companies, too, who don't generally qualify for COBRA coverage. But that fell through. The idea was to have Washington pay to extend Medicaid to them. COBRA applies to group plans at companies employing at least 20 people. The subsidies will be offered to those who lost their jobs from Sept. 1 to the end of this year.

Those who were put out of work after September but didn't elect to have COBRA coverage at the time will have 60 days to sign up. The plan offers $87 billion to help states administer Medicaid. That could slow or reverse some of the steps states have taken to cut the program.


Highways repaved for the first time in decades. Century-old waterlines dug up and replaced with new pipes. Aging bridges, stressed under the weight of today's SUVs, reinforced with fresh steel and concrete. But the $90 billion is a mere down payment on what's needed to repair and improve the country's physical backbone. And not all economists agree it's an effective way to add jobs in the long term, or stimulate the economy.


Homeowners looking to save energy, makers of solar panels and wind turbines and companies hoping to bring the electric grid into the computer age all stand to reap major benefits. The package contains more than $42 billion in energy-related investments from tax credits to homeowners to loan guarantees for renewable energy projects and direct government grants for makers of wind turbines and next-generation batteries.

There's a 30 percent tax credit of up to $1,500 for the purchase of a highly efficient residential air conditioners, heat pumps or furnaces. The credit also can be used by homeowners to replace leaky windows or put more insulation into the attic. About $300 million would go for rebates to get people to buy efficient appliances.

The package includes $20 billion aimed at "green" jobs to make wind turbines, solar panels and improve energy efficiency in schools and federal buildings. It includes $6 billion in loan guarantees for renewable energy projects as well as tax breaks or direct grants covering 30 percent of wind and solar energy investments. Another $5 billion is marked to help low-income homeowners make energy improvements.

About $11 billion goes to modernize and expand the nation's electric power grid and $2 billion to spur research into batteries for future electric cars.


A main goal of education spending in the stimulus bill is to help keep teachers on the job. Nearly 600,000 jobs in elementary and secondary schools could be eliminated by state budget cuts over the next three years, according to a study released this past week by the University of Washington. Fewer teachers means higher class sizes, something that districts are scrambling to prevent.

The stimulus sets up a $54 billion fund to help prevent or restore state budget cuts, of which $39 billion must go toward kindergarten through 12th grade and higher education. In addition, about $8 billion of the fund could be used for other priorities, including modernization and renovation of schools and colleges, though how much is unclear, because Congress decided not to specify a dollar figure.

The Education Department will distribute the money as quickly as it can over the next couple of years. And it adds $25 billion extra to No Child Left Behind and special education programs, which help pay teacher salaries, among other things. This money may go out much more slowly; states have five years to spend the dollars, and they have a history of spending them slowly. In fact, states don't spend all the money; they return nearly $100 million to the federal treasury every year. The stimulus bill also includes more than $4 billion for the Head Start and Early Head Start early education programs and for child care programs.

National debt:

One thing about the president's $790 billion stimulus package is certain: It will jack up the federal debt.

Whether or not it succeeds in producing jobs and taming the recession, tomorrow's taxpayers will end up footing the bill. Forecasters expect the 2009 deficit -- for the budget year that began last Oct 1 -- to hit $1.6 trillion including new stimulus and bank-bailout spending. That's about three times last year's shortfall. The torrents of red ink are being fed by rising federal spending and falling tax revenues from hard-hit businesses and individuals.

The national debt -- the sum of all annual budget deficits -- stands at $10.7 trillion. Or about $36,000 for every man, woman and child in the U.S. Interest payments alone on the national debt will near $500 billion this year. It's already the fourth-largest federal expenditure, after Medicare-Medicaid, Social Security and defense. This will affect us all directly for years, as well as our children and possibly grandchildren, in higher taxes and probably reduced government services. It will also force continued government borrowing, increasingly from China, Japan, Britain, Saudi Arabia and other foreign creditors.


The package includes $9.2 billion for environmental projects at the Interior Department and the Environmental Protection Agency. The money would be used to shutter abandoned mines on public lands, to help local governments protect drinking water supplies, and to erect energy-efficient visitor centers at wildlife refuges and national parks.

The Interior Department estimates that its portion of the work would generate about 100,000 jobs over the next two years. Yet the plan will only make a dent in the backlog of cleanups facing the EPA and the long list of chores at the country's national parks, refuges and other public lands. It would be more like a down payment. When it comes to national parks, the plan sets aside $735 million for road repairs and maintenance. But that's a fraction of the $9 billion worth of work waiting for funding. At EPA, the payout is $7.2 billion. The bulk of the money will help local communities and states repair and improve drinking water systems and fund projects that protect bays, rivers and other waterways used as sources of drinking water. The rest of EPA's cut -- $800 million -- will be used to clean up leaky gasoline storage tanks and the nation's hazardous waste sites.


The stimulus bill includes plenty of green for those wearing blue. The compromise bill doles out more than $3.7 billion for police programs, much of which is set aside for hiring new officers. The law allocates $2 billion for the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant, a program that has funded drug task forces and things such as prisoner rehabilitation and after-school programs. An additional $1 billion is set aside to hire local police under the Community Oriented Policing Services program. The program, known as COPS grants, paid the salaries of many local police officers and was a "modest contributor" to the decline in crime in the 1990s, according to a 2005 government oversight report.
Both programs had all been eliminated during the Bush administration.

The bill also includes $225 million for general criminal justice grants for things such as youth mentoring programs, $225 million for Indian tribe law enforcement, $125 million for police in rural areas, $100 million for victims of crimes, $50 million to fight Internet crimes against children and $40 million in grants for law enforcement along the Mexican border.

Higher Education:

The maximum Pell Grant, which helps the lowest-income students attend college, would increase from $4,731 currently to $5,350 starting July 1 and $5,550 in 2010-2011. That would cover three-quarters of the average cost of a four-year college. An extra 800,000 students, or about 7 million, would now get Pell funding. The stimulus also increases the tuition tax credit to $2,500 and makes it 40 percent refundable, so families who don't earn enough to pay income tax could still get up to $1,000 in extra tuition help. Computer expenses will now be an allowable expense for 529 college savings plans.

The final package cut $6 billion the House wanted to spend to kick-start building projects on college campuses. But parts of the $54 billion state stabilization fund -- with $39 billion set aside for education -- can be used for modernizing facilities. There's also an estimated $15 billion for scientific research, much of which will go to universities. Funding for the National Institutes of Health includes $1.5 billion set aside for university research facilities.

Altogether, the package spends an estimated $32 billion on higher education.

The Poor:

More than 37 million Americans live in poverty, and the vast majority of them are in line for extra help under the giant stimulus package. Millions more could be kept from slipping into poverty by the economic lifeline.

People who get food stamps -- 30 million and growing -- will get more. People drawing unemployment checks -- nearly 5 million and growing -- would get an extra $25, and keep those checks coming longer. People who get Supplemental Security Income -- 7 million poor Americans who are elderly, blind or disabled -- would get one-time extra payments of $250.

Many low-income Americans also are likely to benefit from a trifecta of tax credits: expansions to the existing Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit, and a new refundable tax credit for workers. Taken together, the three credits are expected to keep more than 2 million Americans from falling into poverty, including more than 800,000 children, according to the private Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

The package also includes a $3 billion emergency fund to provide temporary assistance to needy families. In addition, cash-strapped states will get an infusion of $87 billion for Medicaid, the government health program for poor people, and that should help them avoid cutting off benefits to the needy.

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Illegal Immigrants sue American Rancher after they trespass

An American man refuses to ignore over 12,000 illegal mexican immigrants crossing his land, stealing his cars, killing off his livelihood, breaking-in to his home, carrying drugs and weapons... and now he is being sued!  Another attack on defending our borders and Americans that happen to still value protecting our country and families. 
Read The Washington Time's Article ...
COCHISE COUNTY, AZ – An Arizona man who has waged a 10-year campaign to stop a flood of illegal immigrants from crossing his property is being sued by 16 Mexican nationals who accuse him of conspiring to violate their civil rights when he stopped them at gunpoint on his ranch on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Roger Barnett, 64, began rounding up illegal immigrants in 1998 and turning them over to
 the U.S. Border Patrol, he said, after they destroyed his property, killed his calves and broke into his home.

His Cross Rail Ranch near Douglas, Ariz., is known by federal and county law enforcement authorities as “the avenue of choice” for immigrants seeking to enter the United States illegally.

Trial continues Monday in the federal lawsuit, which seeks $32 million in actual and punitive damages for civil rights violations, the infliction of emotional distress and other crimes. Also named are Mr. Barnett’s wife, Barbara, his brother, Donald, and Larry Dever, sheriff in Cochise County, Ariz., where the Barnetts live. The civil trial is expected to continue until Friday.

The lawsuit is based on a March 7, 2004, incident in a dry wash on the 22,000-acre ranch, when he approached a group of illegal immigrants while carrying a gun and accompanied by a large dog. 
Attorneys for the immigrants – five women and 11 men who were trying to cross illegally into the United States – have accused Mr. Barnett of holding the group captive at gunpoint, threatening to turn his dog loose on them and saying he would shoot anyone who tried to escape.

The immigrants are represented at trial by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), which also charged that
 Sheriff Dever did nothing to prevent Mr. Barnett from holding their clients at “gunpoint, yelling obscenities at them and kicking one of the women.”

In the lawsuit, MALDEF said Mr. Barnett approached the group as the immigrants moved through his property, and that he was carrying a pistol and threatening them in English and Spanish. At one point, it said, Mr. Barnett’s dog barked at several of the women and he yelled at them in Spanish, “My dog is hungry and he’s hungry for buttocks.”

The lawsuit said he then called his wife and two Border Patrol agents arrived at the site. It also said Mr. Barnett acknowledged that he had turned over 12,000 illegal immigrants to the Border Patrol since 1998.

In March, U.S. District Judge John Roll rejected a motion by Mr. Barnett to have the charges dropped, ruling there was sufficient evidence to allow the matter to be presented to a jury. Mr. Barnett’s attorney, David Hardy, had argued that illegal immigrants did not have the same rights as U.S. citizens.

Mr. Barnett told The Washington Times in a 2002 interview that he began rounding up illegal immigrants after they started to vandalize his property, northeast of Douglas along Arizona Highway 80. He said the immigrants tore up water pumps, killed calves, destroyed fences and gates, stole trucks and broke into his home.

Some of his cattle died from ingesting the plastic bottles left behind by the immigrants, he said, adding that he installed a faucet on an 8,000-gallon water tank so the immigrants would stop damaging the tank to get water.

Mr. Barnett said some of the ranch´s established immigrant trails were littered with trash 10 inches deep, including human waste, used toilet paper, soiled diapers, cigarette packs, clothes, backpacks, empty 1-gallon water bottles, chewing-gum wrappers and aluminum foil – which supposedly is used to pack the drugs the immigrant smugglers give their “clients” to keep them running.

He said he carried a pistol during his searches for the immigrants and had a rifle in his truck “for protection” against immigrant and drug smugglers, who often are armed.

A former Cochise County sheriff´s deputy who later was successful in the towing and propane business, Mr. Barnett spent $30,000 on electronic sensors, which he has hidden along established trails on his ranch. He searches the ranch for illegal immigrants in a pickup truck, dressed in a green shirt and camouflage hat, with his handgun and rifle, high-powered binoculars and a walkie-talkie.

His sprawling ranch became an illegal-immigration highway when the Border Patrol diverted its attention to several border towns in an effort to take control of the established ports of entry. That effort moved the illegal immigrants to the remote areas of the border, including the Cross Rail Ranch.

“This is my land. I´m the victim here,” Mr. Barnett said. “When someone´s home and loved ones are in jeopardy and the government seemingly can´t do anything about it, I feel justified in taking matters into my own hands. And I always watch my back.”

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A great article on the history of the US government getting involved in stimulating the economy and its impending consequences. Worth reading...

Instead of stimulus, do nothing – seriously

Stimulus is unconstitutional. And history shows that the economy can recover strongly on its own, if politicians stay out of the way.

As we wait to see how the politicians in Washington will alter the stimulus package the Obama administration is pushing, many questions are being raised about the measure's contents and efficacy. Should it include money for the National Endowment for the Arts, Amtrak, and child care? Is it big enough to get the economy moving again? Does it spend money fast enough? Hardly anyone, however, is asking the most important question: Should the federal government be doing any of this?

In raising this question, one risks immediate dismissal as someone hopelessly out of touch with the modern realities of economics and government. Yet the United States managed to navigate the first century and a half of its past – a time of phenomenal growth – without any substantial federal intervention to moderate economic booms and busts. Indeed, when the government did intervene actively, under Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt, the result was the Great Depression.

Until the 1930s, the Constitution served as a major constraint on federal economic interventionism. The government's powers were understood to be just as the framers intended: few and explicitly enumerated in our founding document and its amendments. Search the Constitution as long as you like, and you will find no specific authority conveyed for the government to spend money on global-warming research, urban mass transit, food stamps, unemployment insurance, Medicaid, or countless other items in the stimulus package and, even without it, in the regular federal budget.

This Constitutional constraint still operated as late as the 1930s, when federal courts issued some 1,600 injunctions to restrain officials from carrying out acts of Congress, and the Supreme Court overturned the New Deal's centerpieces, the National Industrial Recovery Act and the Agricultural Adjustment Act, and other statutes. This judicial action outraged President Roosevelt, who fumed that "we have been relegated to the horse-and-buggy definition of interstate commerce." Early in 1937, he responded with his court-packing plan.

Although Roosevelt lost this battle, he soon won the war. As the older, more conservative justices retired, the president replaced them with ardent New Dealers such as Hugo Black, Stanley Reed, Felix Frankfurter, and William O. Douglas. The newly constituted court proceeded between 1937 and 1941 to overturn its anti-New Deal rulings, abandoning its traditional, narrow view of interstate commerce and giving the federal government carte blanche to spend, tax, and regulate virtually without limit.

After World War II, the government enacted the Employment Act of 1946, codifying the government's declared responsibility for managing the economy "to promote maximum employment, production, and purchasing power," and it has actively intervened ever since, purportedly to attain these declared ends. Its shots have often misfired, however, and we have endured booms and busts, a decade of stagflation, bouts of rapid inflation, and stock-market crashes. The present recession may become the worst since the passage of the Employment Act.

Federal intervention rests on the presumption that officials know how to manage the economy and will use this knowledge effectively. This presumption always had a shaky foundation, and we have recently witnessed even more compelling evidence that the government simply does not know what it's doing. The big bailout bill enacted last October; the Federal Reserve's massive, frantic lending for many different purposes; and now the huge stimulus package all look like wild flailing – doing something mainly for the sake of being seen to be doing something – and, of course, enriching politically connected interests in the process.

Our greatest need at present is for the government to go in the opposite direction, to do much less, rather than much more. As recently as the major recession of 1920-21, the government took a hands-off position, and the downturn, though sharp, quickly reversed itself into full recovery. In contrast, Hoover responded to the downturn of 1929 by raising tariffs, propping up wage rates, bailing out farmers, banks, and other businesses, and financing state relief efforts. Roosevelt moved even more vigorously in the same activist direction, and the outcome was a protracted period of depression (and wartime privation) from which complete recovery did not come until 1946.

The US government has shown repeatedly that as an economic manager it is not to be trusted. What we need most are authorities wise enough to follow the dictum, "First, do no harm." The stimulus package will do enormous harm. The huge debt burden it entails, by itself, ought to condemn the measure. America is already drowning in debt. But the measure will also wreak harm in countless other directions by effectively reallocating resources on a grand scale according to political priorities, rather than according to individual preferences and economic rationality. As our history shows, the economy can recover strongly on its own, if only the politicians will stay out of the way.

Robert Higgs is senior fellow in political economy for The Independent Institute, editor of The Independent Review, and author of "Depression, War, and Cold War."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Duh! Iran is behind Gaza-Israel Conflict

Oil-rich Iran is behind the Hamas-Gaza Conflict! "However it does not claim responsibility. It is pulling strings” by funneling hundreds of millions of dollars including weapons and rockets ”and leading the axis of evil by means of two missile bases in Gaza and Lebanon," declared Minister of Transportation, Shaul Mofaz.

The recent rockets fired into Israel are a direct result of Iranian pressure upon the terrorist organization, Hamas to divert attention from the impending attack Israel had planned on Iran. These terrorists and radicals are joining forces through their similar ideology that insists that infidels must be killed or subjugated to second-class citizens.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad considers Zionists “the most detested people in all humanity” and believes that the Holocaust was nothing but “a myth.” Yep, that makes sense. In 2006, claims were brought forth that Iran was forcing all non-Muslims to wear patches declaring their religion. Although unsubstantiated at the time, we do know that Iran passed a national uniform law that designated specific colors for all Jews and Christians. In addition, all business transactions must be accompanied by a declaration of one’s faith, either verbally or by a sign on their building’s window. As for the patch’s validity- consider the recent law passed December 31, 2008 by Hamas declaring that CRUCIFIXION is great for anyone acting "against Palestinian interest or who negotiate with anyone outside Hamas!"

Ahmadinejad’s beliefs and his distrust of European governments has encouraged his friendship with other Iranian leaders and regimes, including strengthening his relations with Russia, Syria, Venezuela and the Persian Gulf states.

Ahmadinejad has called Israel a “fake regime" that "must be wiped off the map,” and continues to support Hamas and Hezbollah until they destroy Israel and can celebrate "the big victory feast which is the collapse of the Zionist (Isreal) regime." The fact that Hamas follows Sunni-Islam which are Islamic Brotherhood groups founded in the 1930s has yet to deter Ahmadinejad and Iran’s allegiance.

Around the world, news organizations, including numerous articles and faked video (created by Hamas) featured on CNN are noting the numerous civilian casualties and health care facilities damaged supposedly by Isreali forces. Of course, they are neglecting the terrible fact that Hamas has been hiding in maternity wards and hospitals dressed in doctor’s robes and using the hospitals to store their guns and weapons. Recent accounts have found Hamas hiding within 800,000 civilians, using them as human shields. Not to mention that Hamas has been killing Israeli civilians for over 8 years.

Hamas’ concern for their women and children is considerably scrawny as they carry on using their civilians as bait, thus vilifying Israel as the horrible enemy.

When the cease-fire occurred two weeks ago, Palestinian again went back on their word by continuing sporadic shelling, which Israel retaliated against.

Hamas leaders, including chief Khaled Mashaal and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad considered the cease-fire a victory for Hamas! "God made us victorious in Gaza, and we, the Hamas movement, came to say thank you to Iran, which stood with us," Mashaal said a few days ago. "Thank you for all the financial, political and popular support which you have given to us. The Palestinian people will not forget." Cheers in the street were overwhelming as they chanted, “Hail to the soldier of holy war!”

America’s formal response has been “neutral” as President Obama has remained resoundingly silent during the entire conflict. Why? Obama is stuck between a rock and a hard place from his past election where he garnered much support from his muslim-arab-terrorist friends around the world and those back in Chicago. The other problem is the support he gained from many American Jews. Don't forget that Obama is still trying to protect his image and has a campaign to run for the next term! Consider the legal way his own team is trying to get rid of Beanie Baby dolls named after his children because they might tarnish his image. Not to mention- his community organizing days involved funneling money to anti-semantic organizations that also believed Israel is a catastrophe and should be eliminated!

Meanwhile, (and shockingly!) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently commented that Hamas must cease their attacks upon Israel. “It is very difficult to ask any nation to do anything other than defend itself in the wake of that kind of consistent attack.” The Free Press reported that “Israeli warplanes bombed the Gaza-Egypt border Tuesday, aiming for tunnels used by Hamas to smuggle in weapons and supplies in strikes launched after a Palestinian rocket hit Ashkelon, a city in southern Israel. No injuries were reported.” Why is this a shock? Well, during her husband's administration, Bill offered apologies to Hamas!

But despite the current President's neutral view, former President Jimmy Carter has gained some airtime by stating that “Israel was” responsible for this conflict! Not to mention his later comments to Today’s Show host Meredith Vieira, “Yes, I do. I think [Hamas] can [be trusted]…they've never betrayed any commitment that they've made to me.” What do YOU matter to them? You are an infidel!

As the cease-fire stands (for now) America must formalize our commitment and relations with our anti-terrorist Israeli friends and forcefully condemn those that seek harm on them and the thousands of civilians that are being used as political-human shields whether in Gaza or her at home.

Once again, Hamas has done a wonderful job in distorting history and corrupting media’s involvement in presenting a deceptive front, thus garnering sympathies for the wrong side. Lets not forget Obama only knows how to spend money, and as we saw through Gitmo- security from terrorists is a much lower priority than pissing them off.

UPDATE 2/8/2009: Apparently Obama HAS spoken! He has sent 20 million dollars to the Gaza Strip... Intended for emergency food and medical assistance. May I remind you Obama that Hamas is living IN those hospitals! Obama wants a cease-fire but the money will for sure be funneled back to Hamas! They have already taken by force numerous blankets and other medical equipment that the civilians have been given. Now our 20 million is going to aid terrorists!!! Unbelievable. Not to mention- where is this money coming from? What about the stimulus package? Our national debt? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?

Economic Jihad

One of the greatest tools terrorists have in defeating their enemies is using deception in war. Underestimating these terrorist could also be the reason or part of the reason our economic crisis is currently waging its own war on Americans.

Of course Obama is trying to do the same thing... does that put him on the terrorist watch list as well?

Muslim Terrorists May Be Trying To Sink the Dollar by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
( Mujahideen Muslim terrorists may be behind the sinking American dollar as part of a campaign to cripple the American economy, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported. The media watch group, which specializes in tracking Arabic language websites, said that postings on websites the past two years reflect a move toward waging an economic war against the United States.

Mujahideen terrorist groups that operate in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries "have come to the conclusion that it is financial, rather than military, losses that will prompt the U.S. to change its policies in the Middle Eastand elsewhere," according to MEMRI.

An article recently posted in Sada Al-Jihad (Echo of Jihad) magazine and posted on several Muslim websites, discusses the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S. as having influenced the decline in the dollar. It also cited the cost of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as draining the American economy.

Another recent posting stated, "The dollar can expect two additional blows that will break its back... [namely] the announcement of the return of the [religious rule of the] Caliphate..." and the reinstatement of the gold standard in international monetary trade. It urged Mujahideen "to get rid of American dollars" before an "imminent" terrorist attack that "will put an end to the so-called United States of America and destroy its economy completely."

MEMRI concluded, "Given that it is highly atypical for Al-Qaeda to give prior warning of its attacks, the message is probably an attempt to pressure Muslims to sell dollars, in order to generate pessimism in the dollar market and thus accelerate the drop in its value."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You too should support the President's Communist, Socialist and Black Militant Friends

My husband's godfather recently penned this wonderful lil diatribe and I thought I would share it with you...

Isn't it nice to know that our newly elected President associates with communists, socialists and black militants. In his short tenure as President, Obama spent $170 million dollars on his inauguration with the country at war and thousands of Americans loosing jobs and homes.

To make matters worse, some of the financing for the inauguration came from bailed-out Wall Street Executives. He is a proven commodity of the Chicago political machine. Obama continues his escapade by lifting the nation wide ban on Freedom of Choice Act and supporting infanticide. He has also lifted the ban on funding abortion providers overseas. He openly states that partial-birth abortion is a woman's right and that homosexuality is no less immoral than heterosexuality. Recently, he agreed to shut down Guantanamo releasing known terrorists and has placed limits on the CIA and their ability to monitor terrorist activities.

To date, Obama attends a church lead by Jeremiah Wright, a racist pastor who promotes Black Liberation Theology. Obama has ignored young Jezzy's toast at his inauguration party by not addressing Jezzy's reference to blacks as niggers. He remains silent with regards to Reverend Lowery's black racist inauguration benediction. He refuses to produce documents proving he is a citizen of the United States and has not responded to Philip J. Berg's lawsuit regarding his citizenship.

His closest friends are slumlord Tony Rezko who is in jail, racist pastor Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and wife Bernadine Dohrn who are known domestic terrorists from the 60's and 70's, Rod Blagovich soon to be impeached governor of Illinois, Raila Ordinga African Muslim dictator, Frank Davis a communist who mentored Obama prior to Jeremiah Wright's mentorship, Rashid Khalidi a Muslim Professor from Columbia and founder of AAAN (Arab American Action Network) and is affiliated with ACORN. . .a Chicago based group involved in many illegal activities such as comingling public tax dollars with political projects.
Obama has refused to release his Harvard records, Occidental records and
Columbia records. His Selective Service records are fake as well as his
birth certificate.

So how do I pray for Obama . .God remove him. . . God change him. . .God allow him to ruin our country? Americans are asked to pray for his success and to respect the office of President. At what expense? Will God hear our prayers and bless our nation if the leader of the nation does not value life or truth?

What is my responsibility when my heavenly citizenship clashes with my earthly citizenship? Has America reached a new threshold where Ellis Island immigrants are forgotten in favor of new breed of hyphenated

May God grant us much grace and blessings as we stand for truth in troubled

Our American Government

People living in chaos will seek out leaders able to put an end to it- often these leaders are those that created the chaos. Their new leadership is not stable just a quick fill within the vacuum.

Sound familiar?