Saturday, August 29, 2009

Covert CIA agents hunted down by ACLU and photographs are shown to 9/11 attackers

US Justice Department is investigating ACLU's lawyers who hunted down covert CIA agents and took pictures of them at their personal homes. THEN- handed the pictures over to terrorists charged and detained from the 9/11 attacks! 

 Thomas McAdam  | August 29, 11:57 AM | See Original Article here at San Francisco's


The Justice Department is investigating a group of lawyers working for the American Civil Liberties Union (AACLU) for taking pictures of covert CIA agents at Guantanamo Bay and handing them over to known al Qaida operatives. The lawyers, representing several detainees charged with organizing the September 11, 2001, attacks, have been accused of participating in an elaborate scheme to “out” as many as forty covert CIA agents, by tracking them to their homes and photographing them.

The ACLU lawyers are accused of conspiring in what is being called the "John Adams Project," along with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), and using lists and data from "human rights groups," European researchers and news organizations that were involved in tracking international CIA-chartered flights and monitoring hotel phone records. The John Adams Project allegedly developed a list of 45 CIA employees, which the ACLU team tailed and photographed surreptitiously; often as they were leaving their homes.


Peter Finn, writing in The Washington Post, contacted the ACLU and got this response: "We are confident that no laws or regulations have been broken as we investigated the circumstances of the torture of our clients and as we have vigorously defended our clients' interests," said Anthony D. Romero, the group's executive director. "Rather than investigate the CIA officials who undertook the torture, they are now investigating the military lawyers who have courageously stepped up to defend these clients in these sham proceedings."

Finn further reports that The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers declined to address the specifics of the inquiry but “questioned its timing.” He quotes Joshua L. Dratel, counsel for the John Adams Project and a former board member of the NACDL, as saying: "The lawyers have a duty to find out what happened to their clients, and to the extent that the government and certain agencies are resistant to that to protect themselves and to insulate themselves from accountability, there is a tension there, and to the extent that this investigation is part of that tension, it's most unfortunate. But the lawyers will not shirk their duty."


Quoting unnamed sources, Finn adds: “Tracking international CIA-chartered flights, researchers have identified hotels in Europe where CIA personnel or contractors stayed. In some cases, through hotel phone records, they have been able to identify agency employees who jeopardized their cover by dialing numbers in the United States. Working from these lists, some of which include up to 45 names, researchers photographed agency workers and obtained other photos from public records, the sources said.”

What’s that you say? You haven’t read this story of treason in the mainstream media, or seen it reported on the evening news? We find this unusual, since it was almost exactly six years ago that the MSM went absolutely apoplectic over the imagined “crime” of Karl Rove revealing to Robert Novak that Joseph Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, was an employee of the CIA. This was such an egregious violation of the official secrecy laws that the MSM (a/k/a the liberal press) demanded the appointment of a special prosecutor. 


Leftie David Korn, over at The Nation, quoted former ambassador Wilson as wanting to “…see whether or not we can get Karl Rove frog-marched out of the White House in handcuffs." Problem was, of course, that dear Valerie was not a covert agent of the CIA (she worked in an office), and the guy who spilled the beans to Novak was Richard Armitage, assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Facts to the contrary notwithstanding, the left and the MSM beat this dead horse for months; lamenting for the endangered safety of our brave CIA agents, and condemning the Bush administration for being too lax on secrecy.

Now, of course, the shoe is on the other foot, a different ox is being gored, the horse is of a different color, and the metaphors are mixed beyond all recognition. Don’t expect the liberal press to criticize the sainted ACLU lawyers. “Treason doth never prosper, and here’s the reason: For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”

ACLU founder Roger Baldwin

Over at out sister publication, Robert Moon, Macon County Conservative Examiner, found an interesting quotation from ACLU founder, Roger Baldwin, that pretty much sums it all up:

I am for socialism, disarmament, and, ultimately, for abolishing the state itself... I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and the sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Obama uses Sesame Street to target your kids for census!

Source: By Haya El Nasser, USA TODAY

Anyone tempted to ignore the 2010 Census will have a tough time doing it — especially if they have kids in school.

The government has launched Census in Schools, an all-out campaign targeting superintendents, principals, teachers, students and, indirectly, parents, as schools open across the nation this month and next. The message: The Census is coming and here's why everyone should care.

The goal is to send posters, teaching guides, maps and lesson plans to every school in the nation, Puerto Rico and U.S. island territories to encourage everyone to participate in the national count. The materials will land in more than 118,000 schools and reach 56 million students.

"It's great to reach the children because children are such strong voices in their homes," says Renee Jefferson-Copeland, chief of the Census schools program. "In households that are linguistically isolated, they can express the information to their parents."

The school effort is more ambitious than in 2000, the last time the government set out to count everyone. At that time, teachers had to request the material and it was available only in print. Now, the kits and lessons will arrive in every school and lesson plans can be downloaded online, where they will be available in 28 languages.

The Constitution mandates a complete population count every 10 years. The tally — down to the city block — helps redraw political boundaries and determine states' representation in Congress and the distribution of more than $400 billion in federal funds to state and local governments every year.

"It's extremely important for us," says Michael McGrady, associate director for partnership development at the National Head Start Association, which promotes school readiness for low-income children and their families. "Historically, Head Start families have been undercounted and that has a negative effect on their communities."

Between January and March, the Census Bureau will help plan a week of Census education in schools. During Census Week, teachers will devote 15 minutes every day for five days to the topic by discussing such things as civic participation, confidentiality or geography. Beginning in mid-March, more than 120 million Census questionnaires will be delivered to residential addresses.

The Census Bureau
is partnering with Seseame Street to extend the 2010 Census message to preschoolers and adult caregivers. Under consideration: Using Sesame Street characters on Census materials and having characters participate in school events and public service announcements.

Obama will censor your access to information via the internet

Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, has spent months with his aids drafting a bill behind closed doors that would give President Obama and his White House the ability to sensor your internet access as well as your personal data.

Although cybersecurity IS indeed vital to our national security from homegrown and external "terrorists" (oops, I mean man made enemy combatants) I question- how much control and when-where-how and more importantly WHY? We simply do not know the extent of their "security measures" as these items are not even defined in the bill.

I seem to recall China's controversial efforts highlighted during the 2008 Olympics to neutralize outside news and opinions from filtering into their private sector aka "The Great Firewall of China". Now, I don't know if Obama and Rockfeller realize that here in America we have a Constitution? Not to forget the Freedom of Information Act which defines our ability to freedom of speech, guarantees privacy and exterminates censorship. It is up to the people of this country to secure oneself, not a select few who determine when they deem it appropriate.

In 1644, John Milton, English poet and author said that it is up to each individual to uncover their own truth; NO ONE is wise enough to act as a censor for all individuals, including his own government (ie British Parliament). (Areopagitica)

How many more liberties shall we surrender under the false pretense that the government wishes to "provide security" ? This bill will rip apart the protections guaranteed by our Founding Fathers, even if it IS the scary cyberage.

I though the stimulus package gave funds to private companies to encourage growth, development and jobs. Can't these companies create computer protection on their own?
See the 55-page draft of S.773

Bill would give President emergency control of Internet | Declan McCullagh | CNET News | 28 August 2009

Mother Jones article

UPDATE: 1 Sept 2009 | article from Heritage Foundation

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Obamas live off lines of credit- just like the US govt.

  • Obamas spent at least $80,000 beyond their income from 1999 to 2004 from a variety of lines of credit/mortgages. 1999-2004 | Luckily 2005 came- and Michelle received a 260% pay raise, and Obama's book was published.
  • Michelle Obama spends $600 Stimulus Checks on Earrings not to mention $10,000 a year on piano and dance and sports supplements July 2008 | She complains to women in Ohio how normal families (like herself) cannot do much with 600 bucks. The normal family in Ohio makes under $37,000. So, doing her math, so far the normal Ohio family spends 1/3 of their income on fashion and children's activities? Give me a break.
  • Hawaii Vacation costs more than Palin's wardrobe. October 2008 | Obama used CAMPAIGN FUNDS for a private jet to visit grandma, a purely personal visit. Boeing 757 costs over $400,000. While media swoops in on Palin's $150,000 campaign clothes all of which donated to charity post election.
  • Obamas' Broadway Dinner Date in NYC costs US taxpayers $1 Million dollars! 30 May 2009
  • Martha Vineyard Vacation home- $35,000 to $50,000 a week. August 2009 | The Obamas will pay for at least a portion of the rental, but taxpayer funds will be used to pay for Secret Service and staff housing on the property. Average family income is spent on one week rental for President during harsh economic times. Yes, this makes sense.
  • Michelle 100 day in office- wears $540 shoes to a FOOD BANK! May 2009 |
  • Michelle takes $6000 clutch to Russia! July 2009 | White house denies allegations and said it was only a $875 clutch. Manufacturer sticks to their claim despite White House pressure. ... Who is really paying for this? If she is on official US business, wouldn't the US taxpayer be paying?
I will keep this updated when more receipts are found... If you have any others, let me know!

Source: New York Daily News via

TAKE THAT! Color of Change!!!

Despite sponsorship boycott- Beck's audience keeps growing!

Snoop Dogg Joins Nation of Islam - Report: Snoop Dogg Joins Nation of Islam - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment

Snoop Dogg joined the Nation of Islam after appearing at the religious group's annual convention in Chicago on Sunday, the BBC reported.

The rapper told reporters that he joined the group because he was "doing what's right and representing what's right," according to a report published Monday on the network's Web site.

Wearing sunglasses, a dark suit and a tie, Snoop spoke briefly in front of a crowd of thousands Sunday and praised the Chicago-based movement's Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Farrakhan has long held relationships with famous rappers and hiphop artists Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, called himself the leader of the "hip-hop community" and says he'll always seek out the minister.

Snoop gave a $1,000 donation to the Nation of Islam, then sat on stage and smiled and nodded as Farrakhan delivered a speech.

Snoopp later told reporters that Farrakhan's speech was "about a mirror — it's about looking at yourself," the BBC reports.

"We're doing a lot of wrongs among ourselves that need correcting," he told the network.

Rapper T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris appeared via recorded video. He told followers that education is the key to success.

Click here to read more on the story from the BBC.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Obama gives heartwarming message to Muslims!
"On behalf of the American people, including Muslim communities in all 50 states, I want to extend best wishes to Muslims in American and around the world. Ramadan Kareem," he said.

Terrorism, I mean "MAN-MADE DISASTERS" are small mistakes abroad, but Interrogating TERRORISTS is criminal

Convicted in 2001 of murdering 270 innocent people in the Lockerbie bombing of 1988, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi served approximately 11 days per victim in a Scotland prison until his recent release to his homeland of Tripoli in Libya, where Megrahi received a hero's welcome.

What is perhaps more outlandish than the Scottish actions and hero's welcome are the harsh words Obama has for the Scottish National Party. Like ouch- "Highly objectionable," and hold on for this one..."mistake." I fear I must cover children's ears from such horrible outrage such at this!

Obama's words are child's play when compared against his former criticisms of our "interrogation methods" (if water-boarding is so wrong, why does it happen in boot camp?), the former administration failures, military actions overseas, "torturing" in Gitmo, 9/11 debates, not to mention apologizing for Americans for our "misbehaviors".

But I guess this really shouldn't surprise me considering all his terrorist connections, and banning the terms "enemy combatants" and "war on terrorism." I mean for crying out loud- "terrorism" doesn't no, just "man made disasters."

Source for word deleted from Obamadictionary:,1518,613330,00.html

Socialized Health Care Bill

See the Socialized HEALTH CARE BILL here that the politicians endorse but won't read!


The Fed Gov sent 3,900 checks totally $425,000 dollars of YOUR MONEY to prison inmates as part of the massive economic recovery package approved by Congress and Obama. 

Lets just call this "cigarette stimulus program."  

See Article here... Stimulus checks not boosting economy _ in prison

Real Clear Politics | Stephen Ohlemacher

Abortion is protected by government- but not religion

In case you have been under a rock this week, like myself- Rifqa Bary is a runaway Christian convert who is desperately fighting to avoid an HONOR KILLING if sent back to her Muslim parents. BUT - the courts are expecting teen to be sent back home despite threats!
"If I had stayed in Ohio, I wouldn't be alive," she said. "In 150 generations in family, no one has known Jesus. I am the first — imagine the honor in killing me.
"They love God more than me, they have to do this," Bary told WFTV. "I'm fighting for my life. You guys don't understand. … I want to worship Jesus freely, that's what I want. I don't want to die."
Fox coverage of story, click here.
So to put this in perspective- The government protects ABORTION RIGHTS of teens but not RELIGION? The government states that PARENTS HAVE NO RIGHTS to know about their children having abortions (or rather the killing of their own children) but when their children chooses a different religion DESPITE THREAT of VIOLENCE or MURDER AT THE HANDS OF THE PARENTS the child has no defense?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dress like a Liberal...with these quick tips

I am always a bit concerned, when I see ladies and men getting their fashion advice from Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Forbes Magazine and other hate spewing sources. But for those of you who are concerned that your fashion endeavors at your next hometown rally might not stand up to media's scrutiny, consider memorizing the recent Forbes Magazines article: The World's 100 Most Powerful Women, which Huffington Post quickly noted that they are also the world's most stylish women, therefore the most important.

Gracing the pages of Forbes are these hot 5 liberals... I mean who can do without the fashion tips from these FABFIVE ???

Michelle Obama #40,
Hillary Clinton
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Nancy Pelosi #35,
Sonia Sotomayor #55,

So, please- make sure you heed their advice and add it to your Protester's Bag of Tricks- where naked women, pink boas, Swastikas, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, Pro-terrorist, and flag burning magic tricks await.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'd like Gangsta-Rap for 1000 Alex

Obama woos the masses with his amazing new lingo at Thursday's DNC heathcare forum. In an attempt for a jab at the Conservative Party, Obama stated that during the summer everyone including, "Washington gets all wee wee'd up." And that includes the unjustified criticism of Obama loosing his mo-jo at a time where Sarah Palin was gaining favoritism and of course explains the unjustified criticism of this untouchable Health Care Plan.

See Prez Obama's speech on YouTube

See WH Press Secretary try to explain the phrase while himself, getting all wee wee'd up.

Not even in circulation but for a few hours and already the words have been added to the ultra-impressive catalog of slang speech at Urban Dictionary. Whether to quickly cover up the President's disturbing reference of peeing on oneself or rather paying homage to the man's unattainable intelligence- we might never know.


I am wondering what Bush is thinking right now. He made up words and critics wrote angry books lambasting him for being so dumb. Obama does the same, and they add the words to dictionaries and laud him for his humor and connection to the urban youth.

But do you know the medical cure for urinating on oneself Mr. President? Pain killers! Its all the rage with the dying population over 50 nowadays.