Friday, August 28, 2009

Obama will censor your access to information via the internet

Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a West Virginia Democrat, has spent months with his aids drafting a bill behind closed doors that would give President Obama and his White House the ability to sensor your internet access as well as your personal data.

Although cybersecurity IS indeed vital to our national security from homegrown and external "terrorists" (oops, I mean man made enemy combatants) I question- how much control and when-where-how and more importantly WHY? We simply do not know the extent of their "security measures" as these items are not even defined in the bill.

I seem to recall China's controversial efforts highlighted during the 2008 Olympics to neutralize outside news and opinions from filtering into their private sector aka "The Great Firewall of China". Now, I don't know if Obama and Rockfeller realize that here in America we have a Constitution? Not to forget the Freedom of Information Act which defines our ability to freedom of speech, guarantees privacy and exterminates censorship. It is up to the people of this country to secure oneself, not a select few who determine when they deem it appropriate.

In 1644, John Milton, English poet and author said that it is up to each individual to uncover their own truth; NO ONE is wise enough to act as a censor for all individuals, including his own government (ie British Parliament). (Areopagitica)

How many more liberties shall we surrender under the false pretense that the government wishes to "provide security" ? This bill will rip apart the protections guaranteed by our Founding Fathers, even if it IS the scary cyberage.

I though the stimulus package gave funds to private companies to encourage growth, development and jobs. Can't these companies create computer protection on their own?
See the 55-page draft of S.773

Bill would give President emergency control of Internet | Declan McCullagh | CNET News | 28 August 2009

Mother Jones article

UPDATE: 1 Sept 2009 | article from Heritage Foundation


  1. I think the opposition to the ObamaCare program would clearly constitute a national emergency...

  2. I think that "national emergency" is the broadest term possible. -Consider national emergencies like 9/11, what did people do to get current information for safety? They went to the tv, the internet, their cell phones.

    If the internet is taken away during a national emergency, consider the threat to our safety! New Yorkers were searching frantically for any information, but most cell phones were inaccessible. Imagine an emergency today if we didn't have phones, and also had no internet? Most people today run their entire TVs off of internet cables. So really, we would have no information during a crisis.

    Crazy the way people try to corrupt our freedoms.