Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'd like Gangsta-Rap for 1000 Alex

Obama woos the masses with his amazing new lingo at Thursday's DNC heathcare forum. In an attempt for a jab at the Conservative Party, Obama stated that during the summer everyone including, "Washington gets all wee wee'd up." And that includes the unjustified criticism of Obama loosing his mo-jo at a time where Sarah Palin was gaining favoritism and of course explains the unjustified criticism of this untouchable Health Care Plan.

See Prez Obama's speech on YouTube

See WH Press Secretary try to explain the phrase while himself, getting all wee wee'd up.

Not even in circulation but for a few hours and already the words have been added to the ultra-impressive catalog of slang speech at Urban Dictionary. Whether to quickly cover up the President's disturbing reference of peeing on oneself or rather paying homage to the man's unattainable intelligence- we might never know.


I am wondering what Bush is thinking right now. He made up words and critics wrote angry books lambasting him for being so dumb. Obama does the same, and they add the words to dictionaries and laud him for his humor and connection to the urban youth.

But do you know the medical cure for urinating on oneself Mr. President? Pain killers! Its all the rage with the dying population over 50 nowadays.

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