Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ahmadinejad Denies Holocaust...AGAIN

Oh what a wonderful thing Ramadan is! I love how Obama, his White House and even Sacramento's politicians have embraced the Muslim and Arab communities including known terrorist supporters in CAIR- wishing them well in all their endeavors during Ramadan.

In Obama's August address to the Ramadan celebrators during "their festive season, of intense devotion and reflection" he was reminded of how Islam is committed and even exemplary in "advancing justice, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings." "[Ramadan] is a time to reflect upon the wisdom and guidance that comes with faith. [They have a] responsibility to human beings, to one another and god."

Ramadan ended with its popular, annual International al-Quds Day. Since 1979, Muslim and Arabs (especial in Iran) demonstrate their opposition to all things Israel while declaring support for Palestine.

"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who the opposition [protesters] contends won re-election by fraud, delivered a nationally televised address, railing against Israel and the West.

"Speaking before a crowd of supporters at Tehran University, he questioned whether the Holocaust was a "real event" and called it a pretext for the creation of Israel. He said the Jewish state was founded on "a lie and a mythical claim." -Huffington

But apparently the hundreds of thousands of angry protestors outside were channelling Joe Wilson, as they shouted "liar! liar!" Race motivated maybe? hmm.

They of course took it further than even us right-wing nuts and Wilson would ever wish towards our own leaders and declared, "Death to the dictator!"
"Just hundreds of yards away, crowds of Ahmadinejad supporters marched carrying huge photographs of the president and supreme leader Khamenei. Some chanted, "Death to those who oppose the supreme leader!"
Reporters covering the holiday, had great restrictions imposed on them by the government! Shocking. As they watched the demonstrations, their Internet access and phones were frequently blocked, and they were outright refused permission to cover any protesters.

The crowds seam to be having the same issues we Americans are facing. The government will punish you for protesting! Don't speak up here- we will create new laws to stop you! Don't call the president a liar!

National emergency you say? No Internet for you! Restrictions from government in this era of responsibility?? no no. This is freedom and security for you my pretty. In Iran, the witnesses who did speak up maintained anonymity in fear of the government's retaliation as well.

Despite all the protests, Ahmadinejad hailed the commemoration as a "day of unity" for Iranians and denounced criticism of the election.

Remember Obama's similar thoughts? "[Ramadan] reminds me of what we hold in common... Advancing justice, progress and tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings."

"Day of unity." "what we hold in common."

But all good months must come to an end. Even Mr. Gibbs said Obama reacted to the news stating that "denying the Holocaust is baseless, ignorant and hateful". "Promoting those vicious lies serves only to isolate Iran further from the world."

Truth be told - I am surprised he even touched this with a ten foot pole. But what happened to the state dinners? Do we not have a celebration for the end of Ramadan? Its not like we haven't heard these comments from Ahmadinejad before! In 2006, Ahmadinejad believed that he was being persecuted for simply "asking questions" about how many Jews were killed in relation to the grand total of deaths in the war.

As it is well past 2 am here, I am off to bed to advance the common goal in my home of peace from all its rested inhabitants. ...Maybe that is what Ahmadinejad needs. A good bed time story.

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