Friday, September 4, 2009

School tells parents to butt out of their kid's education, and bow down to Obama's will.

Obama just cannot stop campaigning for your vote. Immediately after he was inaugurated as our 44th president, Obama founded Organizing for America. In case you are unaware, the OFA is made up of community organizers who worked for the DNC during the Presidential election and were instrumental in Obama's success. What do they do now? Well...
Addressing the OFA, Obama stated, "As President, I will need the help of all Americans to meet the challenges that lie ahead. That's why I'm asking people like you who fought for change during the campaign to continue fighting for change in your communities.

"Volunteers, grass roots leaders and ordinary citizens will continue to drive our organization, helping us bring about the changes we proposed during the campaign: a solution to our economic crisis, an end to the war in Iraq, affordable healthcare for all and new sources of energy to power our economy and protect our environment."

Now, numerous aspects of this OFA bug me.
  1. Obama claimed that he would reach across both sides of the aisle. But here he is, establishing a group of liberal democrats to do what exactly? Well, reach across the aisle, grab all that are weak, bind up their hands and gag their mouths, only releasing them when they numbly pledge allegiance to Obama and his ways. (Have you seen Ashton Kutcher's I Pledge video? )
  2. OFA turned 9/11 remembrance into health care reform organizing day. On their website, they whip up their followers to stand up, be patriotic and fight for what is right. But two seconds later lay hate on conservatives who are "whipped up".
  3. OFA said that Republicans are "Right-wing domestic terrorists" and "racist".
  4. OFA called FOXNEWS a propaganda network. See quote below.
  5. OFA is supposed to be filled with "volunteers, grass roots leaders and ordinary citizens" who are FUNDED by liberals and Obama supporters. Yet throughout the summer in town hall meetings, democrats including the OFA have characterized anti-healthcare protesters as "manufactured mob" agents and a "bunch of crazies." Barbara Boxer thought these protesters were too well dressed, too organized, had to be paid, and their agenda was to "hurt President Obama." She even cites that its all outlined on their hateful website. Ms Boxer- have you seen the OFA website?
OFA stated: “All 50 states are coordinating in this – as we fight back against our own right-wing domestic terrorists who are subverting the American democratic process, whipped into a frenzy by their Fox propaganda network.” (See picture of page that was taken down later by site.)

Now Obama is responsible for what the OFA does! He founded it! He is their leader! They elected him! And clearly, Obama doesn't believe that the election is over. So with his troops behind him, Obama heads to the campaign trails to recruit your children. Now consider that they are already Sesame-Street Census takers that will be little informants on your family. They are also as Ms Malkin would say, "guinea pigs" for gay marriage and anti-war activists, and now they are tiny little foot soldiers for Obama's health care reform.

Obama's speech will be presented to schools all across the nation- LIVE. Teachers stand ready to present children with kits of action plans that will address what your kid can "do to help President Obama." Yet most parents have not been informed about the speech in any shape, including what the week's scheduled lesson plans will involve.

In fact, some schools have altogether rejected having alternative activities available to students opting out of the speech. As Michelle Malkin pointed out, "Broward County FL school district site,[informed] parents that they cannot opt their kids out of the president’s speech on Tuesday because the administrators are committed to “encouraging civics education in the broadest sense.”

So, get ready you right-wing, nazi, racist, homophobic, nut job parents! Your kids are not old enough to vote, but they sure are old enough to be indoctrinated by Obama and his whipped up organizers.

At the least, start preparing your kids in the way they should go. Because if you don't- someone else will.

Update 9/5/09: See how parents over at
The Pajama Underground: stand up and say no to school participation. The Pajama Underground: Hail to the...Superintendent-in-Chief?

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