Thursday, September 3, 2009

Muslim dinner in Sacramento Capitol building and White House.

35 California Lawmakers gathered in the Sacramento capitol building on September 1st, for the Iftar dinner for the Muslim celebration of Ramadan with (CAIR) Council on American-Islamic Relations, a known Hamas-front that supports and funds terrorism. This will be the 6th annual event held in Sacramento despite incriminating CAIR activities.

Known CAIR activities include:

  • CAIR is a Hamas front in the US, and part of the Palestine Committe which supports Hamas financially and politically.
  • FBI's found evidence of $12 million dollar illegal funneled from CAIR to Palestinian terrorist groups.
  • Philadelphia- 1993, Hamas members and supporters led efforts to derail all US efforts for peace between Isreal and Palestine fearing that Fatah's gaining power would be opposed. During this meeting, they discussed creating CAIR to advance their causes.
  • Numerous former members have been deported or sentenced on terrorist charges including, R. Haddad, R, Royer.
  • CAIR has increased tensions all over the United States in muslim communities while angered at FBI's counter-terrorism efforts against bombing, and other jihad actions.
  • CAIR informants connected to protecting Osama bin Laden and have violated immigration laws, and support attacks of bombing Southern California.
  • 2007- Sen. Barbara Boxer rescinded award given to CAIR after learning of connections. "We made a bad mistake not researching the organization. If individuals are doing great work, I commend them personally, but not in the context of the organization."
  • 2008- CAIR denies that Hamas is a terrorist organization.

On the other side of the country, Obama commended Muslims on behalf of all Americans while welcoming Muslim Community leaders to the White House in celebration of Iftar. Stating that not only is it “a great religion [with] its commitment to justice and progress.” but that Islam is “part of America.”

Another great source for CAIR:

and Cair: Hate and Terror

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  1. Dear Leader and friends, posing for the camera. It's one of those things that should warm the heart of CAIR, Hamas and what's left of the Fatah.

    I have no personal issue with Islam. The country offers freedom of religion to all sects. Having Dear Leader joining with the radical fringe elements of Islam and his joint celebration with them is chilling.