Friday, September 4, 2009

CNN makes me sick

CNN is going after GW Bush, just like they did with Palin in Alaska.  So let the investigation begin.  But heed this, you libs won't like what you hear.

Today CNN reported that George Bush could go to jail for his post 9/11 activities regarding terrorists.  Although they wish it would be true, they still acknowledge that Obama doesn't want to look back but forward to the America that is full of "hope" and "change."  But despite these comments, Obama and his friends at the ACLU are climbing over the corpses of CIA agents towards the goal of reaching our former leader and other "high levels in the government."

So drum-roll please... Did the CIA break the law?  Like an entertaining MMA event, a CIA agent has been said to have choked a prisoner until he lost consciousness, (Yes MMA is quite different than interrogations, but like MMA- both sides knew what they were getting into before they began their activities)  He also threatened another with his gun and drill. 

I forget what weapons the 9/11 terrorists used on the innocent people on American and United Airlines. hmm...   I also forget what military officials regularly found during their raids in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Oh wait. Its coming to me... meat cleavers, whips, wire cutters, blow torches, hammers, handcufs, electric drills, scissors, saws, eye-gouging devices.  Also, drawings of torture methods were found. (for eye removal, limb removal, vehicle dragging, blowtorching skin, hanging from ceilings to electrocute,)

In one specific instance during 2007, all of these items were found near the torture chamber a few feet away which contained a man hanging from the ceiling wrapped in chains.   Other raids found small boys and older men who had been beaten daily with whatever could be whipped at them- steel chains, wires, cables and hoses. 

THIS is torture. THIS is inhumane. THIS is whom we are trying to stop.   

There is a distinct difference between threatening terrorists with methods that they created and used, and actually harming or killing them.   In 2007, the US had thwarted 19 terrorist attacks. This is not a mere coincidence or good luck.   


  1. I am appalled by this right wing hatered.  Where in the constitution does it say that you can spew this stuff anyway?  On my blog, we oppose corporations and republicans, and fox news as well.  The truth about 9/11 will be shown soon, and Jean Van Jones will be vindicated.  I'm very upset.

  2. So I am right. Liberals won't like what they here... And here is your left-wing ranting.   I am a "right-wing hater" because I am stating my opinion and asking questions about what is going on in DC.   Ok. Thats fine. But I am protected to my freedom of speech as you are.

    If you like the left-side yet hate big corporations, what did you think of the stimulus package that was opposed by the right wing haters?

  3. I'm just waiting for someone to waterbaord Obugger so that he understands it's no big thing, and that any man willing to represent the U.S., as do our troops in battle, would understand this. I guess they don't teach subtlety in law school, or Bill Ayers' livingroom.

  4. "CNN". It used to stand for the Clinton News Network for obvious reasons. Then we called it the Crescent News Network for obvious reasons. Now it is the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK. It disgusts me that NObama can do no wrong, no matter what.