Friday, September 11, 2009

Pimps, Prostitutes, Sex Slaves and ACORN

Acorn is up to their lovely schemes again. Besides stuffing the ballot boxes, registering fake voters at least thousands of times, covered up embezzlement, and taken tax payer's money for partisan political activities, Acorn has now achieved new lows.

Two people identified as a pimp and prostitute went to the Baltimore Acorn office seeking assistance on how to properly evade taxes on their business while accounting for 13 underage El Salvadoran sex slaves that will be living in their home.

The Acorn workers response? No problem. Hmm, lets just call you a "performing artist."

And as for Acorn's response? Despite firing the women involved, Board Chairman Sonja Merchant-Jones stated, "We've investigated and we found nothing that they did to be illegal. Absolutely zero." Okay. So trafficking girls under 16 illegally to become a sex slave is good enough to put on your resume?

"Taxpayers should be outraged that their money has gone to an organization that, in addition to facing charges of voter fraud and tax violations, is willing to facilitate prostitution," said Rep. Steve King R-Iowa.

Because the group receives millions of dollars in federal grants, Napolitano said, "ACORN agents and employees are required by law to adhere to high standards of lawful and ethical behavior; standards akin to those required by law of federal employees."

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