Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obama Administration abandons hope on America's Security

Obama puts all secret deals aside and officially abandons missile defense in Europe while weakening our national security. More proof that Obama could care less about the US, as he makes the world safer for all terrorists.

Excerpt from Heritage Foundation | Conn Carroll | 27 August 2009

According to the Polish daily!!! Gazeta Wyborcza, sources in the United States have confirmed that the Obama administration has made the decision to abandon our anti-missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. Unfortunately this news is not surprising at all. In March of this year it was revealed that President Obama “secretly” offered Moscow a grand bargain whereby it would sacrifice missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic in exchange for Moscow’s help discouraging Iran’s nuclear program. Then in his July summit with Moscow, Obama reinforced his message that missile defense remains a bargaining chip that can e
xchanged for his college dream of a nuclear free world.

...Abandoning our best missile defense option in Europe only encourages Iran to speed up their ballistic missile program so that they can get their threat in place before a European missile defense system is available. We are in a desperate race to beat the clock on Iran’s nuclear program. Why on earth are we stopping now to let the Iranians catch up? Read more from Heritage Foundation

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